Transportation Special Education

"Special Care for Special Kids"

Abby Limousine Service, LLC provides special transportation to students with an individualized education plan which includes specialized transportation other than that provided by regular transportation.

Special Education students represents a growing portion of the student population, and often requires specially trained drivers and routes to specialized schools.

Abby Limo has broad experience in providing caring and attentive service for children with special needs and parents with unique concerns. Our drivers are specially trained to deal with all aspects of this service.

We are certified and licensed by the NH Dept of Safety and collaborate with school districts on behavior management of students using its service. Abby Limo provides door-to-door individualized service and is especially sensitive to the needs of students.

We are committed to protecting your privacy at Abby Limousine Service . We will not collect any personal information from you that you do not volunteer, and we are the sole owner of all information collected on this site. We do not sell, share, or rent this information to others in any way that we have not mentioned in this statement.